VRS Equipment for sale

VRS Equipment for sale

We have a range of equipment for sale. If you would like to purchase any of these products, please get in touch.


36mm Impact restistant TCB tensioning Socket

Especially designed for tensioning of NPSBS TCB systems in the UK

£150+Vat & Delivery

MLP 40 Open Box Beam Lifter

Open Box Beam lifter, originally deigned by Manual Lifting Products ad Balfour Beatty , before being given the right to also manufacture and sell to the industry by Ajs training

Each lifting device will be provided with LOLER certification and a 1m Lifting Sling that is also Loler Tested

                                                   Technical Information

                                    MLP 40 Open Box Beam Lifting Tool


Operating Size (kgs.) Dead weight (Ibs) (kgs.) max. lift. Cap. (lbs.)
To fit box section depicted only  8.5                  18 140                       308


Directions for Use

(a) To install, insert tool into upper lip of box and push upwards (fig.1).

(b)Close top locking handle on to top of box, adjustment made be made on the tension nut to prevent damage to beam due to non conforming beam profiles.(fig.2).

(c) To release, open top locking handle and withdraw tool (fig.3).

(d) Ensure lifting strap is not twisted prior to lifting (fig.4).


The lifting tools supplied by Manual Lifting Products Ltd., allow for unavoidable floor lifts, allowing operatives to adopt a good kinetic position as required by EEC directives to alleviate injuries, i.e. lumbar spinal injuries and hand entrapment


£450+vat & Delivery

Post Extensions

Type 1 Standard post extension can be used for both Z and S post designs, as was designed to be used with any post size from 50mmx 110 and upwards,

£450+vat & delivery

Click here to download the instructions.

Self tighening clamps

To be used to support the extraction of posts that have sheared off with sockets on VRS Systems

the standard Self tightening clamp can be use for all sockets wider than 50mm

The Long Self tightening clamp can be used for extraction of old style TCB/ Brifen Wire Rope and RHS Posts

£45.00 each + vat & delivery