All candidates are expected to self study prior to attending to give themselves a good chance of passing, especially regarding the Theory Element which is 20 questions per unit

If a failure of a Theory occurs, The candidate may opt to complete a new assessment paper, however due to the current timings program this unit may need to be completed on a different day, and may be chargeable, Ajs training will do our upmost to try to keep additional costs to a minimal

Here is a list of the documents that all persons must be knowledgeable in, all of which can be found on the internet.

  1. Specification for the Reinstatement Openings in Roads/Highway, Code of Practice
  2. Safety at Street Works and Road Works, Code of Practice (Department for Transport)Units O1+ S1
  3. An Introduction to Vehicle Actuated Portable Traffic Signals (Department for Transport) Units O1 +S1
  4. Avoiding Danger from Underground Services HSG 47(Health and Safety Executive) Unit LA
  5. Health and Safety in Construction HSG 150 (Health and Safety Executive) Unit LA
  6. Volume 1: NJUG Guidelines on The Positioning And Colour Coding Of Underground Utilities’ Apparatus (National Joint Utilities Group) Unit LA
  7. Roadwork’s Theory and Practice (optional as a reference)
  8. Specification for Highway/Road Works (SHW), ‘Series 1000’
  9. Interpave documents relating to concrete block paving and concrete slab reinstatements (based upon BS Standards). Interpave has given permission for these documents to be used.

A small amount of time has been allocated during the assessments to refresh your knowledge in this documentation, but you must be aware the NRSWA course is for assessments not Training

For those Learners that are new to the industry we can provide additional training days prior to assessment if required.

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